Parandalimi i Zjarrit

Parandalimi i Zjarrit

By ALSA blog | | 11/01/2019

When it comes to maintenance of fire extinguishers, we refer to the UNI 9994-1: 2013 standard, which indicates all the periodicity and the interventions to be carried out. This regulation distinguishes five maintenance phases for fire extinguishers:

* initial check, visual exams that can be carried out by the staff within the company in charge;
* surveillance, on a monthly basis, the person in charge of the company must check that the fire extinguisher is well marked, is not tampered with, the markings are clearly visible and there are no obstacles to reach it.
* periodic check, every six months a competent company must perform technical checks on the devices;
* scheduled overhaul, with a variable frequency based on the type of extinguishing agent, provides for the refilling and / or replacement of the agent + update of the fire extinguisher maintenance card;
* testing involves checking the stability of the casing by means of a hydraulic test on the extinguisher
The periodicity of the maintenance of the extinguishers starts from the date of installation of the appliances.