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By |11 Gennaio 2019

We care about your personal data and we like to think that accepting a compromise regarding the protection of such data is morally unacceptable.
The concept of Privacy for Us is very important, our Privacy Policy has established rules for how these data must be structured, if the collection is necessary, how to register them, consult them, process them or disseminate them. .

This Privacy Policy is intended to help you understand how we protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of our customers and what information we collect, the purposes of the processing for which personal data are intended, any recipients or any categories of recipients of personal data , the existence or not of a transfer, the manner, the retention period or, if this is not possible, the criteria used to determine this period; the existence of the right of the data subject to request information relating to processing in a concise, transparent, intelligible and easily accessible form, with a simple and clear language.

We also build Services that are necessary for the purposes of Occupational Medicine and for the assessment of the employee's ability to work.

For any questions about this Privacy Policy, you can Contact Us.

It is our duty and your right to understand the types of information we collect and the purposes for which they are stored when you use them.
The consent to the processing of data is used to provide services necessary for safeguarding the vital interests of the data subject and of another person, and for reasons of public interest.
Exercise the specific rights of the "Data Controller" or of the "Data Subject" in the field of Labor Law, Occupational Medicine and Worker Capacity Assessment.

What Personal Data we collect:
When you create an ID, apply for a commercial commission, purchase the opportunity to take advantage of our services, you can organize and manage health or social treatments or the management of systems and services for storage and management of worker training.
We can collect data related to:
- Company Identification Information of which:
Company Name, VAT Number, Fiscal Code, Address, City, Cap, Telephone, Fax, Email, Activity Type, Ateco Code, Employer, Contact Persons, Users, Units and Associated Companies.
- Employee details information of which:
Name, Surname, Gender, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Company, Point of Sale, Job, C.F., Data on Health Surveillance, Certificates.
Archive Documents necessary to fulfill the purposes described.
In some circumstances you may be asked for a valid identification document, for example for activation for the management of certain services or for the purpose of extending the trade credit.

We may process your Personal Data by following the purposes described in this Privacy Policy with your consent, for compliance with legal obligations to which "ALSA" is subject or in case we deem it necessary for legitimate interests pursued by "ALSA" or third parties to whom it is necessary provide data.
The data provided allow us to manage the External Prevention and Protection Service, Health Surveillance and Food Safety according to the H.A.C.C.P .. system.

The treatment will take place in a lawful, correct and transparent way towards the interested party. The data requested are adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary for compliance with the purposes for which they are processed. Specific security measures are observed to prevent data loss, illicit or incorrect use and unauthorized access.
The treatment will be carried out with paper, computerized and telematic tools, managed with organizational and elaboration logics strictly related to the purposes themselves and in such a way as to guarantee the security, integrity and confidentiality of the data always respecting the organizational, physical and logics provided by the provisions in force.

If requested by the Customer, for the pursuit of the purposes, "ALSA Albanian Safety", will have to entrust to its Employees and / or Personnel linked to it depending on mandate contracts, or professional work assignments related to the secret professional. These are subject to sanctions or termination of the contract if they do not comply with these obligations.
When you use our Services, we may collect information about your activities in accordance with the Conditions and Regulations in place.

We also process the data at our disposal for internal purposes. The needs of Users lead us to use them to continue to offer the constant improvement of Our Services, through controls to detect, prevent or otherwise manage fraudulent activities, verification of illegal behavior in data analysis, in searches or communications. We may use it to develop new products and functionalities useful to users, or to protect their property or security, and to fulfill obligations to our partners and enforce legal claims, including violations of these Terms.

"ALSA" may get hold of your personal information due to a legal obligation that your Employer needs to pursue to comply with the Health and Safety Regulations in the workplace.
The provision of data by the Customer and the related processing are mandatory and necessary for the performance of the activities that must be performed.
The non-acceptance to signing this informative may make it impossible to fulfill the purposes of the processing. It follows that any refusal to provide data for such purposes could determine the inability to run the agreed services.

Personal Data may be transferred to countries of the European Union and to Third Countries with respect to the European Union for the purposes described. In the event of a transfer of Personal Data outside the European Union, if there is an absence of an adequacy decision by the European Commission, the provisions of the applicable legislation regarding the transfer of Personal Data to third countries not belonging to the "EU" will be respected.
To use or interact with any of our Services, you must consent to the transfer and use of your data to countries other than that in which you reside.

"ALSA" can share information with its partners, including, suppliers, advertising partners, analysis and commercial partners, technical health laboratories, bodies and joint bodies.

No data is communicated to third parties or disclosed, except for the purposes specified in this Informative.

The interested party has the right to obtain from the data controller this information and confirmation that it is or is not undergoing treatment of personal data concerning him and in this case to obtain:
access to personal data;
the possibility of rectification;
cancellation of the same;
the limitation of the processing of personal data concerning him and to oppose their treatment;
the obligation to notify in case of rectification, cancellation or limitation;
the right to data portability;
to know about the existence of an automated decision-making process, including profiling;
copy of the communication of an infringement, if it occurred.
The interested party has the right to lodge a complaint with a Control Authority.
In some cases the law of the European Union or of the member states provides that the person concerned can not revoke the prohibition of treatment.

We may change these Privacy Policies or any applicable points applicable to a service, in order to comply with changes made to the Regulations or our Services. Privacy policies should be consulted on a regular basis, especially in the case of a notification regarding any changes in this statement. However, the changes must have their relative acceptance, and if the user does not accept the new terms, he is invited not to use the services.
Companies have the duty to communicate the conclusion of a contract with "ALSA" to their employees, if it concerns the processing of their Personal Data.

"ALSA" does not use, or makes decisions based on an automated decision-making process, including profiling.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can fill out the form in the "Home Page".

ALSA Albanian Safety : Terms & Conditions



Thank you for the confidence to grant us your data and for choosing the use of our Services.
ALSA Albanian Safety Sh.p.k.

By using our Services you accept these Terms.
The selected Services are available under a contract with Us by the Customer / User, which is subject to compliance with this Policy.

The user has the obligation to respect, in the ways of use, all the contractual rules established and permitted by law.
It is understood that with the use of our Services, you do not become the holder of any type of Law, therefore it is forbidden to use, modify, remove or obscure contents coming from our services without having obtained the authorization from "ALSA". We may suspend or terminate the provision of the Service to Users if there is no compliance with our Terms or Our Directions. Furthermore, behind a presumed case of illicit behavior we could take legal actions.

Recall that in our services are displayed content that is not our property. The contents inserted are assigned to the Responsibility of the Subject making them available, for this purpose we reserve the right to examine the contents made available in order to determine if they are contrary to our purposes. This does not indicate that we will review your contents.
Our Policy gives priority to Information and Formation, so we tend to reduce, if not to make it disappear, the risk of unlawfulness.

Our Services are available after receiving a "Username" and a "Password", the LogIn informations are strictly private and assigned to natural or legal persons, it is therefore forbidden to disclose it to third parties, and the writing of the "Password" is not recommended in unsafe formats that are easily attributable to our services.

To get access to our Services you need to have an account.
The account is assigned to a User of a Business Entity, which is the only Responsible for the activities carried out in Our Services, also to protect the access they must keep confidential "LogIn" Information.
The account can be limited in the display of some sections depending on the contractual conditions adopted and chosen.

It is possible to access the services established through our Home Page.

Our Privacy Policy and Policies are intended to inform you about the purposes and methods of protection of your Personal Information. We remind you that by accepting the use of our Services, you have also accepted Our Privacy Policy and Policies.

You can ask for more information about it in Contact Us.

We like to adopt as a guideline, to be sure that your personal data are safe, the application of our policies and follow them strictly within the company and communicate them to those who use it.
Your contents can be structured in certain ways that you can upload and distinguish them in various topics.
To protect your data we use control, recovery and backup procedures.
"ALSA" grants a personal license to the user, which is not transferable to third parties, unless authorized. The purpose of the software is to allow the User to use the Services agreed upon in the Contract, and it is therefore forbidden to copy, modify, distribute, sell or transfer to third parties part of our Services or the included Software, therefore we remind you that it is forbidden to decode or try to extract source code from our platforms.

The temporary or definitive interruptions of the Services can occur in case of maintenance and development of the Software, or, in case of identification of illegal acts or for arrears.
In case of interruption of Services due to maintenance or development, when possible, we communicate to the User with reasonable notice the methods and timelines necessary for the intervention.
If the interruption of the service is due to unlawful acts or arrears, the account is suspended temporarily, until the resolution of the dispute.
We could modify some features and then add or remove features in various sections. It is important for us to warn you about any new features, which is why we give you the opportunity to inform yourself about it with a reasonable advance.

If you've encountered any problem accessing to Our Services, Contact Us.

We take very seriously the safeguard of the management of your Personal Data.
We expect in our Services the use of appropriate technologies and pre-established security measures to protect your Personal Data during consultation, collection, registration and storage.
We have established procedures against possible data loss or tampering, your data is protected in online archiving systems and in our private archives. The system backup devices manage the various archives generated over time, if desired, the user has the possibility to further extend this service.
Our Services make use of accredited Third Party Partners for Hosting Our Software.
The Services and the methods are chosen at the time the Contract is signed.

The company that intends to take advantage of our Services, must accept these Terms, also must inform those interested in the processing of their data through the appropriate information.

If our Services are used on behalf of a company, the company must accept these terms, raising "ALSA" and any collaborating companies responsible for liability for this information.

This protection also applies to officers, agents and employees in the event of a claim, cause or action arising from or relating to the use of the Services or the violation of these terms, including any liability or expenses arising from loss, damage, judgments, court costs and Legal.

We may modify these Terms of Service or any applicable points applicable to a service, in order to comply with changes made to the Regulations or our Services. Terms of service should be consulted on a regular basis, especially in the event of a notification regarding any changes to this policy.
However, the changes must have their relative acceptance, and if the user does not accept the new terms, he is invited not to use the services.
The present Terms regulate the relationship between "ALSA" and the User, in case of conflict between these Terms and the additional Terms, the Additional Terms will prevail.